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The Blue City

Tangier, the literary and artistic crossroads of the Strait of Gibraltar, where Europe meets Morocco, where the Mediterranean water meets the Atlantic Ocean; the home of many civilizations. With its mountainous reliefs overlooking the sea, the cosmopolitan city remains a popular destination for lovers of beauty and mythical Maghreb culture.

We have fast and comfortable Ferries to Tangier as well as cultural and touristic excursions to explore the wonders of the Blue City, combining at once history, folklore and modernity.

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The best in Tangier

Preserved behind its walls, the Medina of Tangier attracts one's eye with its Spanish-Muslim architecture and its pleasantly emblematic streets. We find the Kasbah, the Great Mosque, the Socco, the Palace of the Sultan, the Museum of Mediterranean Cultures and many other sites and monuments to explore. The medina extends to the Port and consist of a large number of craft shops, cafes, restaurants and various shops.

Tangier is characterized by the richness of its varied and atypical gastronomy. You can enjoy the Berber couscous or the array of tagines, fish, crepes, Moroccan pastries and many other dishes and recipes based on local production, such as olive oil, argan oil or Amlou. You can sip a 100% Moroccan mint tea; a traditional omnipresent drink in the country.

The excursion includes

  • Fast ferry from Tarifa to Tangier and from Tangier to Tarifa
  • Guided bus tour with panoramic views of the city's key sights and monuments
  • Assistance of a multilingual tourist guide
  • Lunch in a Moroccan restaurant with oriental show
  • Guided tour of the Medina

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